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Burt's Corner

Burt's Corner is a collection of products we have hand-picked to support through our platform and cause. These items are crafted by up-and-coming vendors who are taking their first steps into entrepreneurship, and who align with our values and mission of infusing kindness and connection in our world.

Burt has been making pottery for over 3 years.  It started as a gift certificate from his wife who said he needed to get a hobby - code for 'get out of the house, I need my space'.  He likes making different shapes and sizes of cups and vases as well as the experience of getting proficient at pot making. He has sold over 25+ pieces online with the help of his granddaughter.  By the way, that's Lesly's dad :)

Burt would like to inspire other would-be artists to try their hand at a craft.  He thinks that it could help lessen the anxiety of this crazy world and who knows, maybe even make some money.